Ashburn GA,USA
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USA Fireworks Outlet

Ashburn GA

About Us

USA Fireworks is located off of I-75 on exit 82 in Ashburn, Ga. We are right next to Carroll’s Sausage. We are the very FIRST unlimited Firework store in the state of Georgia. This means we can carry as much inventory as we would like, whereas other stores are limited on how many pounds they can carry.

We have everything you could possibly need to put on an awesome firework show. We have 15 different 500 grams and mortar boxes that range from 6-84 (not including the breaks). We also carry a good selection of 200 grams that are a reasonable price for some firework fun. We of course have an awesome selection of bottle rockets, firecrackers, smokers, sparklers, fountains, roman candles, and novelties.
So come see us and add a lil BANG to your cook-out, birthday party, family reunion, wedding or just if you’re wanting to a have some fun!  Call (229) 613-0011 for inquiries.